Balance. Flow. True Nature

Yoga & Healing Practices, embodying water, to connect to your true self
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Eat Mindfully Book


The healing energy of movement, breath and touch, inspired by water & nature

Eat Mindfully Book


The inspiration of water & the ocean and how this relates to our entire being

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My creative spirit, inspired by the beauty and rhythms on earth and within

I cannot teach you, only help you to explore yourself.” – Bruce Lee

Flow And Happiness

Flow And Happiness

Finding flow in our daily practices will help us to stay motivated to keep doing it. In various studies done on flow states it has been found that happiness comes from being in a state of flow. So...

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The Spaces Inbetween

The Spaces Inbetween

When I first started to learn about the 5 elements in nature: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Space, I was confused by the last one - “Space”. But space is nothing? I couldn’t have been further from the...

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Renewal & Letting Go

Renewal & Letting Go

As we start doing any practising regularly, whether it's a movement practice, eating practices or breathing practices, things start to be revealed to us. These could be obstacles we've never noticed...

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There is no more significant or fundamental stagnation in life…

than what comes from having forgotten our true self.”

– Lonny S. Jarret

Vania Rodrigues

Medical Professional

“I’m very grateful to have Bronwen as my yoga teacher. I am learning so much and improving my practice with her . She is a very kind and inspiring person. She is really passionate about her job and works with professionalism . Her classes are always so peaceful and full of harmony .”

Gail Kotze

Business Owner

“Bronwen is a gentle and understanding teacher and prepares her sessions according to her clients age and ability – she does not make her client feel at all intimidated. Her attitude is inspiring and her knowledge exceptional.”

Joan Rubenstein

Retired Company Director

“I found Bronwens sessions deeply relaxing as well as strengthening and assisting  with chronic back pain. She is a thoughtful  compassionate and well informed person and her gentle manner creates a loving and peaceful session for her clients.”

Alyanne Barkmeijer

Nutrition & Dietetics Lecturer

“Bronwen inspired me to listen and be kind to myself. The calm and friendly manner of providing guidance is characteristic for her and I highly appreciated this. I still experience the benefits of the insights she gave me and I share it with my clients.”

Lisa Murray

Hotspot Yoga Owner | Yoga Teacher

“Bronwen is a beautiful human being. She is so giving of herself. One of the kindest most sincere teachers we have had the privilege of having with us. The students loved her.”

Andrew Wyllie

Personal Sublime Owner | Fitness Professional

“Bronwen has always maintained a very positive outlook on life and has a soft but confident approach that is very soothing and nurturing. My friend, colleague and mentor is an individual I would highly recommend!”