Water 5 Elements – The Healing Connection

Water 5 Elements Theory

Water, in the 5 elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda,  is one of the important elements that creates life. I’ve started to look at water from many different angles – the water we drink, our oceans, our rivers, the water within us, how water moves, what happens when water doesn’t move – and then, how does all of this relate to us, our health, our planet, our planet’s health?

Once I started to look at water beyond the 5 elements of TCM, so many texts found their way to me. I see so much now that I cannot un-see. So much makes sense. Water? Such a simple substance that we take for granted every day. Yet, it holds the key to everything. Without water there is no life!

My studies into this amazing element continues… I value and savour the work of: 

  • Theodor Schwenk & Victor Schauberger who dedicated their lives to the study of water flow and it’s affect on us and our earth;
  • Water 5 elements theory in the ancient Chinese texts which refers to water being the base element to which all other elements relate;
  • Masaru Emoto who studied the effects of music, our intentions and words on the molecular structure of water and its knock-on effect on us and our planet;
  • The 5 elements of Ayurveda and related texts;
  • Tom Myers who has expanded our understanding of fascia in our bodies, which is composed predominantly of water, and how this relates to the classic energy Meridians and their functions and how it is affected by our daily movement and is directly related to our health and vitality.

The Power of Connection

I’m always on a search for connections between theories and findings. Just as water on our planet connects all things around us, I have found profound connections in the above studies and theories and how they relate to our individual wellbeing and that of our planet.

Water is trying to teach us, but we haven’t been listening. So now water is shouting at us – our ocean levels are rising, we are being hit by storms and hurricanes, rivers are bursting their banks, we are experiencing unprecedented droughts and fires (the lack of water).

I have grown up playing in oceans and rivers. I always took them for granted. Now I live inland and I yearn for that connection. This has pushed me to find other ways to connect with this vital element. It has guided me within to find ways of connecting to the water element within me. It has also guided me to teachers that understand this connection and how vital it is to our health and wellbeing.

Water’s Healing Energy

This wisdom that water holds is within each of us. We just need to practice connecting to it. In connecting with this deep wisdom, we will find the answers to healing ourselves, connecting on a deeper level with those around us, and then healing our beautiful planet Earth, Gaia.

Through the absolute most basic practices of eating, moving and breathing, we can start this journey within. This will help us connect to our water element and our deeper wisdom – wisdom is related to Water in 5 Elements theory of the ancient texts. With regular practice, what we need to bring ourselves into balance will gently be revealed to us. This balancing within will bring balance with those around us and, eventually, this will flow further into balancing with our environment. We all have this wisdom within. We just need to practice listening to it. Then we need to allow ourselves to trust it.

It only takes 9% of the population to change to have an impact on the planet. Let’s become part of that 9%. My calling and passion is to help people find a state of balance and happiness within, so that we can connect in finding the balance needed to heal our earth. I believe that this is possible at a faster rate if we can realise our energetic potentials. Scientific models are based on thinking and numbers – energy when focused goes beyond thinking and rationalising. This is what is needed right now and I know in my heart that it is possible.

Water in Our Body- Balance & Connection

Water in Our Body- Balance & Connection

Water in our body ebbs and flows like rivers and oceans – a dance of balance intertwined with the essence of life. Yoga guides us to find harmony within, just as water rhythm on our Earth does the same.

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