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Hello, my name is

Bronwen de Klerk

I am a UX Designer.I love surfing, yoga and flow…
I bring user flow to flow states.

My work

About Me

Software Developer

Bronwen_de_Klerk_SoftwareDeveloperMy passion for technology and trying to understand how things work, and why, led me to become a software developer. But, after years of coding, I realised I preferred decoding humans than coding computers.

Wellness Specialist

Bronwen_de_Klerk_WellnessThis led me on a journey of learning everything I could about the human body – physically, energetically and spiritually. I qualified and practiced as a fitness trainer, Pilates & yoga teacher, mindfulness & mindful eating teacher and shiatsu practitioner.

Web Developer

Bronwen_de_Klerk_WebDeveloperI never could leave my IT past… having taught myself to code websites in its humble HTML & CSS beginnings, I found it the perfect medium to market my services as a Wellness Specialist and then eventually my own studio. Colleagues and clients, knowing my tech-background, would often ask me to help them with ‘computer stuff’, getting me to explain complex tasks in a more accessible way. Word got around and I started taking on private web design clients 

UX Designer

Bronwen_De_Klerk_UXDesignerThese two passions – people and technology – have now merged in a career in UX Design. In this last year I decided to formally upgrade my self-taught web development skills since working as a programmer, by embarking on studies in Full-stack Web Development and UX Design. I’m now excited to bring my knowledge and experience to work on inspiring projects to create usable and accessible products.

My Skills



UX is a research-based discipline. I use quantitative and qualitative research methods to get to the heart of user needs.

user flows

Well considered user flows for each planned task lead to products that allow its users to complete tasks efficiently and smoothly.


Prototypes bring the design ideas to life and allow design improvements through user-testing before development.


I create these comprehensive and coherent blueprints for developers – vital to bringing breath to the creative vision.

user tests

Remote and live usability testing are the most important UX Design tools – giving insight into users’ goals, behaviours and contexts.



Andrew Wyllie 

Personal Sublime

I have always felt confident in sharing ideas and asking questions on specific topics with Bronwen safe in the knowledge that I would always get a genuine answer, sympathetic advice or sound feedback. She has always maintained a very positive outlook on life and has been consistent in her approach when dealing with clients. She has a soft but confident approach that is very soothing and nurturing.

Alyanne Barkmeijer

I’m a Foodie

The calm and friendly manner of providing guidance is characteristic for Bronwen and I highly appreciated this.

Felipe Macabeli

Macabeli Pilates & More

Bronwen is always respectful and very committed with her clients. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills. She is extremely organised and can work independently or as a team player. 

Gail Kotze

Load and Go

Bronwen’s gentle and positive attitude is a great asset to her willingness to work with her clients at their own levels. She instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. Her attitude is inspiring and her knowledge exceptional.

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